To our valued customers and partners, we are reaching out to confirm our strong commitment to you during the ongoing and rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation. As an essential business supporting our critical energy and water infrastructure, we are committed to remaining open.

About UIS Group of Companies

Detroit, MI
Ann Arbor, MI
Dexter, MI
Dayton, OH

We Love What We do

We love being a One-Stop Shop for Electrical Services.  Our field service people who are at times Superheroes must have 4 years of electrical work before we consider hiring them. We want to see a love and a capacity for serving people in the complex electrical world.

Who We Are

We are Field Service Leaders.  Our field people are selected among the brightest Electricians, then trained and tooled to think like Engineers and execute like Professional Technicians.

What We Value

Our staff are selected and kept because they consistently demonstrate our core values.  They are honest, trustworthy, make safety priority one, they consistently show a mission-to-serve no matter what the time is, they are committed to on-going learning - an essential trait in this complex electrical world - they are professional in the way they approach their work and relate with people and finally, they have a strong desire to share their knowledge thus raising the skills of the people around them.

Our Pledge: Your Complete Satisfaction

Each member of our staff at the UIS Group of companies is committed to providing to our customers exceptional value with the goal of building a long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial. While we cannot guarantee perfection, we do GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION with our SERVICE. If at any time a member of the UIS Group of Companies does not perform to your satisfaction, we ask our customers to tell their service person or, if necessary, their supervisor, so that we can correct the service problem and improve our relationship.

Where We Go

Our Customers Support Us

We survey our clients every 6 months. Our average score over the past two years is 16% greater than the industry average and on the last survey it was 26% higher. We believe this is the highest in the industry.

Here are some of the things they say

Most professional of all our contractors that we use. – MAV development
This company delivers outstanding engineering and technical support. – Mt. Clemens Regional Medical Center
Quotes always are quick and thorough, as well as the work being done efficiently. – Superior Electric Great Lakes Company
Excellent service work and great personnel. – Carey, OH
Very professional and knowledgeable. – Cargill Salt
This company went above and beyond to help fix our problem obtaining prints we could not locate for our equipment. - Federal Aviation Administration
Great Crew to work with;  reliable company.   – Redico
You have been with us a long time, 1996 to present. Always a good experience and great response time. You seem to always have a solution to our needs. – United Water
Great response time, great people! My first call when I have a power problem! – Eastern Michigan University
Short of offering all your services for free, I couldn’t be happier. Timely, flexible and professional. – DTE Energy
I've had an excellent experience and have recommended UIS to other project managers in my company. – DTE Energy
I have found all UIS employees to be very knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to assist with day to day maintenance operations of this facility. They have always provided documentation of all work performed, as well as what is necessary to bring certain equipment back up to company standards. - Cargill
Always do a great job. – Tower Pinkster

What Our Employees are Saying (From Our Surveys)

The culture at UIS/SCADA and the great employees!
I am not micromanaged, I have the authority to be able to do the job properly without a bunch of restrictions blocking my creativity.
I like the professional and helpful atmosphere.
The varied, challenging work. Something new each day.
There is a team atmosphere. Everyone contributes, and everyone is recognized.
The work is interesting and allows a lot of room for advancement.
Great people and "Team" approach. Good place to come to work every day.
The people. I love the camaraderie we have and how well everyone gets along. We don't all have the same opinions but we handle the differences respectfully.
The added things provided are amazing. Gift Cards, Parties, Health Stipend and the list goes on.
Great people, great environment.
Professional aptitude and goal oriented.

We Work With The Best

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